Pamela Sutton-Legaud, Councillor Strand Ward, Hobsons Bay City Council

Pamela Sutton-Legaud

Councillor, Strand Ward, Hobsons Bay

It was always going to be a unique election. Held right in the middle of a lockdown in Victoria during Covid-19, the council and everyone in Hobsons Bay will face unique challenges to get back on track once we are allowed to get on with our lives. Businesses will need help to recover, marginalised and isolated members of our community will need help having their voice heard. I believe I am uniquely placed to help lead our recovery to thrive in the future with over 30 years working with community organisations and small businesses. I support the election of local women to represent our community in key issues.

Strand Ward includes the townships of Williamstown, Williamstown North, Newport, Spotswood, South Kingsville and part of Altona North.


  • A community-led small business recovery.  Small business is the lifeblood of Hobsons Bay. I will use my extensive experience to help businesses recover and thrive in the new COVID-normal. I’ll support cuts in business red tape and reduced costs.
  • A more sustainable Hobsons Bay Industrial Land Management Strategy. I will strive for better use of industrial land.
  • Fair and effective use of our rates
  • More green spaces.  I advocate for more green spaces and support the Urban Forest strategy for more trees right across Hobsons Bay.
Newport Lakes, Newport, Victoria

  • Sustainable and efficient waste management. Keep recycling going! I support reduced use of plastic packaging to minimise land fill.
  • Better communication about key issues. I believe we should all be included in the conversation about what matters to us. Let’s be inclusive and use more communication channels to reach more people. I’ll visit our community groups to hear your concerns.
  • An innovative Bike Hub & Bike Plan for Hobsons Bay bike repairs, bike donations and improved rider safety.
  • More equitable use of community spaces – helping community groups grow.
  • Preservation of heritage buildings to maintain Hobsons Bay’s character.
  • More mental health services for young people and families within Hobsons Bay for a healthier community.
  • Support for artists in Hobsons Bay. As a keen photographer, painter and writer myself, I support funding for our arts community to keep Hobsons Bay creative.
Authorised by Chris Legaud, P O Box 863, Williamstown, Vic 3016

2 thoughts on “Pamela Sutton-Legaud, Councillor Strand Ward, Hobsons Bay City Council”

  1. Hi Pamela,

    I am voting for you, Peter and Jonathon. Peter and Jonathon because I am happy with how my community is being managed and wish to continue to go from strength to strength. I am voting for Peter as his experience cannot be discounted. For Jonathon as I feel our home (this planet) we needs a strong voice to advocate for it.
    I am voting for you as the world is full of white men running things and we need female voices in council as well which thus far in the Strand Ward has been quite balanced I also like your business background as let’s face it the running of government is like a business. If you get elected I wish for you to take the following into consideration as you begin serving your community…
    1) Be careful managing the balance between economy and environment. It is a difficult path to manage. My hope is that with your business background along with your environmental ethics you will navigate this path well.
    2) I too am happy with our current waste disposal system in its efforts to reduce landfill. PLEASE. realize some of the main issues going on with waste disposal come from how our producers go to market. There is so much excessive packaging and materials that come with every day products we purchase that are not recyclable that of course there is a push back regarding weekly vs fortnightly general waste removal. You CANNOT employ a push change management structure onto the community you MUST employ a pull change management structure and that means you MUST collaborate with other councils, state and federal government to force he supply chain to change how it goes to market. Individuals would be more than happy to buy products that are not triple wrapped in non-recyclable plastic and styrofoam. The issue is the manufacturers and producers need to be forced to stop using it. Just like single use plastic is leaving our everyday life with resistance once on the other side it will just becomes normal. Pull not push!
    3) Remember, your job isn’t always to make the most popular choice, your job is to make the right choice that benefits the community and our planet as a whole both today and tomorrow.

    I will be emailing Peter and Jonathon a similar email with personal notes as well.

    Good luck!

    Greg Scott

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  2. Hello Greg, thanks for your message of support. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I do agree that recycling is too far down the value chain and we need to stop the products entering the system in the first place. I will do my utmost to make the right choices for our community and I really appreciate your vote. Do you think you could also post this on my facebook candidate page? Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.

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