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Remued – Premier Pottery Preston

Aside from my love of fundraising, I am also a collector; in particular I collect Australian ceramics, including pieces from the Melbourne pottery, Premier Pottery Preston (PPP) namely Remued, PPP and Pamela ranges.

The best source of information on PPP that I’m aware of is  remued.com.  They advise that Remued dates from the early 1930s to the mid-1950s and has become synonymous with the characteristic drip-glaze style, a description that belongs only to pieces made by Premier Pottery Preston, in Melbourne, Australia. Remued pottery is very collectible and ranges from little pots that are comparatively easy to find (but getting less so), to rare highly decorated pieces that sell often for thousands of dollars.

Each piece was produced in a range of standard shapes and sizes each with its own number denoting size and or shape. However there is no complete catalogue in existence and some shapes were repeated in later years. Hence, a collector trying to identify a  particular Remued piece should decide if the piece is from the ‘early’ or ‘later’ periods as ‘later’ shapes can be similar or even identical to ‘earlier’ shapes.

Typically, Remued pieces are pots, vases, jugs, baskets, plates and other decorative ware. More collectible pieces are decorated with gum leaves and branches and can be very large.  Much of the standard pieces are in muted greens, yellows and browns.  Older and larger pieces can be found in deep pink, red, blues and greens.

Once you know what to look for Remued pieces are easy to spot.  There are few fakes which is helpful although Remued-style baskets made in Australia and overseas are around and can be mistaken for the real thing.

baskets 1
Later Series Baskets http://www.remued.com

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