Our Birds

In September, I visited Western Australia to attend the BirdLife Photography Conference. For a birder, and a photographer, where could be better than to be in a beautiful state which makes up a third of Australia and to be around others who also love bird photography.

Watch the video above to enjoy images of some of the birds I saw on my brief visit. You may particularly enjoy the video of the Red Tailed Black Cockatoos eating. I was SO delighted when this little family appeared in the gum trees just as I was leaving my birding site at Wungong Dam in the Perth Hills.

Wherever you live, there are birds. Whether its the magpies outside your house or something more exotic, Australia’s birds are one of the highlights of living or visiting this beautiful country.

I hope you enjoy this short video.

Australian birds are unique and I love to go out to see them in my local area in the west of Melbourne.  I visit relatively few local spots so I get to know which birds I’m likely to see where and at what times of year.

I’ve shown a few here and you can also visit my bird photography portfolio pages.

There are two books that are invaluable to birdwatchers in Australia:

I’d love to hear about the birds in your area so feel free to share your images and comments.

Bird Photography

Australian native birds are curious and fast moving particularly in Spring…