Magic Moments…

Do you ever have those moments when, while you believe you can generally deal with all the things you have on your plate, a little help is always welcomed. I’d been saying this to myself just this morning and just to be clear (because its best to be clear about what you’re asking for) I’d said to the universe that I’d welcome some friendly help to come along and give a bit of reassurance.
Of course you never know what form this will take so when I was sitting in my office this morning and glanced out at the trees and beautiful blue sky, I should not have been surprised when an ex-colleague from more than 4 years ago suddenly appeared in front of my ground floor window!
She was visiting with her husband and baby the zoo where I work and decided to look me up.
How lovely to see them all. We chatted about life and how it was all going and as she was leaving to take her daughter to see the elephants, she said gently that the work I’d done in my previous role was acknowledged and appreciated, even now.

I was really touched. As they left, I remembered my request to the universe this morning and, not for the first time, thought about how help and reassurance can come in the simplest of ways. Perhaps all I needed was a confidence boost and I received it in the most lovely, random and gentle way.

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