New Year…280 days to go…

Have you ever entered a new year when you know what you are going to be doing every month, almost every day? I don’t mean that you’ll know which office you’ll be going to or you know the projects you’ll be working on. I’ve been in this situation before just before the 2008 Commonwealth Games when we brought a dozen children over from Africa to Melbourne to experience their Games. A full year!
And in 2012, this is another full year when I can see all of the key dates already fixed into the calendar… a fundraising golf tournament, a corporate sponsorship launch, a gala ball, a public sculptural art exhibition….and all before October 6th. So no I haven’t miscounted….Melbourne Zoo will be 150 years old on October 6th this year and already i can see a 280 days packed with celebratory stuff!

Last year I was months into planning my own celebratory year… just 100 years less! It was a party to remember with my very best friends and family, a 50’s theme, lots of wasp waists, eyeliner and pencil skirts! Everyone looked fabulous. We had the perfect night with 28 degrees at 6pm, champagne on the trimmed lawn, a jazz band followed by dinner and more music. Perfecto!

This year to celebrate one of Melbourne’s most loved cultural icons, there will be just as much music, even more food, champagne on occasion, and lots and lots of fundraising events! January is planning month and a little breathing time before the fun and madness takes off. Then… it all begins.

So 280 days to go… here’s to a fabulous 2012 to you all (whoever you are). And if I see you at a celebratory event… say ‘hello’.

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