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Power and Women

Are you a woman ready to take over the world? If so, now is your time.

In a speech in Peru, Secretary of State to the US Hillary Clinton talked about women and economic growth and states that restrictions on women’s economic participation are costing the world massive amounts of economic growth and income in every region of the world. You can read her speech here.
The question I ask is how do we harness women’s power? How do we work together to encourage more collaboration, recognition and support for the economic and human powerhouse that is represented by the women of the world?
In a Special Report produced exclusively for The Wall Street Journal
Executive Task Force for Women In The Economy 2011, Unlocking the full potential of
women in the U.S. economy,  it was recognised that women have been a growing factor in the success of the U.S. economy since the 1970s. The additional productive power of women entering the workforce since then accounts for about a quarter of current GDP.
But the full potential of women in the workforce has not yet been tapped. Now, it is critically important to do so: According to McKinsey’s the U.S. struggles to sustain GDP growth rates, it needs to bring more women into the workforce and fully deploy high-skilled women to drive growth through productivity improvements.
How do we leverage this fantastic resource? As a crude analogy, imagine all women represent a massive oil reserve, or huge coal deposits. I dont think we’d be left in the ground! We have huge, hidden, untapped potential. Let’s join together to leverage the hell out of us! And along the way, maybe take back the world.

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