Innovate or Whinge… which do you choose?

The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is calling for the Australian economy to look more firmly to its Asian neighbours for it’s future with the release of an Asian White Paper. With recommendations from refocusing our school courses to include more Asian languages to motivating business boards to consider markets beyond Australia’s borders. And what is the response from business and schools? ‘but we can’t do it without money’. It makes me sad. Why can’t we respond to innovation in ways other than whinging: ‘but i need more money?’

5 ways to make change happen that don’t cost (much) to consider :

1. Review your strategic plan – is a stronger involvement with Asia good for your business? Have you even considered how you could do business with Asia? Do you know how you would fare competitively with Asian companies targeting ‘your’ market? What is your USP? When was your last planning session?

2. Review your customers – who are you already doing business with who has strong links with Asia? How could you build this business? Which countries offer the most potential?

3. Get your management team together -ask them what they could do differently? They might surprise you. How could they look at ‘business as usual’ and make it more usual to include an Asian focus.

4. Look to your board: who is on your board (or not) who could assist your growth in the Asian market. Who is holding you back? Do you need a ‘reshuffle’?

5. Remove dead wood: which markets, customers or sectors are you holding onto because ‘you’ve always done it that way’. Leave room for new ideas, new markets, new customers, new money!

Once you done all or some of these actions, then you can really see what money you need. And it doesn’t necessarily need to come from the government – which ever side of the political fence they’re on.

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