Do or do not. How, why and when are less important…

I heard David Bromley speak at a design event with Coco Republic, the furniture/design company in Richmond, Melbourne. He was very entertaining. He made me reflect that it is most important that as a designer or an artist, you do something to progress your ideas.  It made me reflect on what it means to be an artist or a designer. Is it that you make money from your efforts? Is it that others recognise you? Or is it that you DO your art. You create. This is more important that what you do or how you do it. Do something. Take action. Review. Take Action again. Simple but profound. Yes. Easy? No. As David himself said, to paraphrase, the harder you work, the easier it looks.

From :David speaking at Coco Republic
David Bromley’s artworks have two clear focal points – the Boys Ownadventure project and the Female Nude series. Born in 
Sheffield, England, in 1960, Bromley came to Australia in 1964. He began his career in Adelaide as a potter, but eventually turned to painting. He takes inspiration from childhood books, popular culture and artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Glen Baxter.

Bromley focuses on the physical and emotional journey of life’s travels, using the imagery of the Boys Own comic culture to paint vivid, passionate pictures of the spills and thrills of childhood. He centres on the adolescent years where he believes life is at its most intense and its demands are at their strongest.

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