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New Game? It’s already the end of the 1st quarter!


I can’t believe it’s March!” I’ve been hearing that all over town. And it’s true. As we near the end of the 1st quarter of the year (3rd quarter of Aussie financial year), time as usual, has flown.  Do you have a game plan for the rest of the year?

For me it’s been a new year that’s already brought considerable change.

I just completed my 5-year goal of overseeing a major campaign with the Zoos Victoria Foundation to raise more than $25 million, and am now steering my own boat, offering my strategic services as an independent and part time contractor.

After working for more than 15 years in full time roles in international aid, conservation and with the last 5 spent in the world of zoos, I’m excited to now be branching out to work with a very different animal; that being higher education sector and business organisations. Yes, it’s going to be a very interesting year!

Of course my passion for protecting threatened species remains as strong as ever, so I will continue to assist with fundraising strategies, and offer the benefit of my experience to other NFP organisations faced with branding, positioning and funding challenges.

Good design and the promotion of good Australian design is another long-held passion of mine, and I’m keen to see where that will lead me this year.

I’m currently growing as a way to promote Australian made produce – my gift hampers are such fun to design, create and distribute – and I’m hoping to continue sharing the joys of Aussie food and wine around the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to sample some of that?! So that’s my first quarter of 2015 taken care of!

What’s 2015 brought to you? I’d love to hear about any changes you’ve encountered or are proposing this year?

Remember, there’s only 3 quarters (eek!) to go to the final touchdown (or goal, depending on your game!).

I’ve shared my game plan. Love to hear yours!

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Live life then blog

It’s commendable that you’re reading this however, is there any risk that you (and I) are letting reality enhancing technology replace reality?
There are some suggestions that members of the Australian Olympics team spent too much of their time pre-competition blogging, skyping and social networking about what they were going to do before they’d done it when perhaps they should have been training or resting.
Are we spending too much time living our lives on-line to the real detriment of our actual lives? If blogs and commentary become all about what we might do or just reflect on what someone else is saying on another on-line space, do we risk thinking that on line is actually better than life?
On an old UK science-fiction/comedy tv show, Red Dwarf, one episode had the characters playing a virtual reality game called just that : Better than life. While they played, they failed to eat, drink or sleep. They logged on to BTL and logged out of reality. Their bodies almost died while they played a better life in their heads. A computer-intervention (ironic!) showed them the exit back to a more mundane but nonetheless real existence and thereby saved their lives.
Are we at risk of this fate? If so, our computers are unlikely the benign type that will ‘wake us up’.
I leave you to ponder the results of our swimmers and other athletes and decide for yourself. I have to go and have lunch with my husband. In the real world.